Dear holiday house lovers, Kalimera!

Welcome to Greece at JASSU Reisen. We hope you will enjoy browsing our pages as a source of holiday inspiration and would like to introduce you to JASSU and the people behind it.

Being one of the longest-established agencies on the German market we have 40 years of experience in arranging accommodation in Greece and are proud to have innumerable satisfied customers and landlords. At Jassu, we focus on good quality at affordable prices, selected holiday regions off the beaten tourist tracks, individual accommodation and personal expert advice.

The "certified quality" of all our properties is most important to us. Our employees travel the holiday regions in Greece several times a year to carefully select properties, visit them personally and check them thoroughly. That is why holiday houses arranged by JASSU are a square deal.

As a member of the VDFA (Association of German holiday home agencies) we are committed to provide faithful descriptions of our accommodations and to have legal checks of our company in regular intervals.

Many of our customers have been loyal to JASSU over the years and highly appreciate the quality of holiday houses arranged by JASSU Reisen.

We are happy to provide personal consultation and advice, passing on our knowledge of the country and its people and over 40 years of professional experience.

Enjoy the advantages of a private accommodation and spend a magnificent holiday in Greece with holiday houses arranged by JASSU Reisen.

Your team at JASSU Reisen


Jan Hürter

Working for JASSU since 2006

Travelled areas Peloponnes, Kreta, Chalkidiki, Kea, Pilion, Rhodos, Santorini, Kos

Favourite spot in Greece: Koroni, Messenien

Favourite Bay in Greece: Vourvourou, Halkidiki

First holiday in Greece: 1989 – Peloponnes, Messenien, Peroulia

Personal holiday house recommendation: Holiday house ERINI in Triopetra on the island of Crete. The house with a beautiful garden is in a quiet location in the magnificent bay of Triopetra - a place where I find tranquility and inner peace. There is a wonderful beach, lots of good-value taverns with delicious food and a very warm and friendly landlord.

That´s why I work at JASSU: Even as a child I used to travel to Greece with my parents. The passage on the ferry from Italy to Greece was lots of fun for the children. After a 3 day´s journey to get there we knew how far away from home we were and got rewarded by the wonderful sea. At the time there were lots of families in Peroulia, we played all day long at the beach and in the evenings we went to Kostas for dinner. As adolescents we travelled to Greece with our friends and we did enjoy the personal freedom of the holiday home and learned to love this country. Due to the regular trips to Greece I soon learned about JASSU and started a temporary job with them during my years at school, packaging catalogues – this is why I soon knew most of the holiday homes from the catalogues.

The passion for the country and its people remained persistent so that I chose to work for JASSU in 2006. I sincerely enjoy recommending the suitable holiday houses to our guests to help them experience the country.

Maria Paraskeva

Working for JASSU since 1997

Favourite spot in Greece: Ermoupolis Syros

Favourite Bay in Greece: Skoutari

First holiday in Greece::born in Greece

Personal holiday house recommendation: The holiday houses Alika, Vathia, Lagia with Pool, perfect for relaxing, regenerating, dreaming. Close by the fine sandy bay of Skoutari, an abundantly grown garden, well-maintained by two wonderful and hospitable people, the owners of this complex, who have become friends by now.

That´s why I work at JASSU: It was pure coincidence! After I had finished studying in Germany, I returned to my home country and decided to make a living of travelling which has always been my „secret passion“. Arranging holiday homes came gradually which later on got me in contact with JASSU Reisen. Sustainable tourism has always inspired me up to the present day. Gentle, down-to-earth and with a focus on nature and respect for the people, away from the mainstream hotel tourism I have concentrated on simple and unknown locations and regions. I always wanted to show the true and genuine side of my country to the visitors, with feeling, heart and soul. Convey history and narration through descriptions, immersing in atmosphere, traditions and landscapes and show this to the guest, the traveler. This has been my intention until the present day.

Over the years I have travelling from the North to the South of the country, from the Aegean to the Ionian islands and discovered and embosomed many magical locations. My favourite „delightful spot of Greece“ is in the south of the Peloponnes, the peninsula Mani. As a location from my younger years it was love at first sight. A fascinating landscape, rugged and barren yet beautiful, covered by silver-green olive groves with wonderful stone house settlements, individual residential towers, a deep blue sea, hospitable and unassuming people – that is the Mani I love. Place of longing and return for many years has been Skoutari.

Elvira Zillger

Working for JASSU since 1986

Travelled areas: Thassos, Halkidiki, Limnos, Corfu, Zakynthos, Peloponnese, Crete, Santorini, Rhodes, Pelion, Spetses, Kalimnos, Paros and Antiparos.

Favourite area in Greece: Crete, because of the exceptionally beautiful landscape. High mountains, amazingly beautiful gorges in the northeast, magnificent sand beaches on the north coast, sleepy little villages in the mountains and splendid coastlines in the south.

Favourite spot in Greece: I don´t have a specific favourite spot, bay or tavern in Greece. I have met nice and friendly people everywhere, food was always delicious and over the years I have met so many people in the travelled areas and they have all grown close to my heart.

First holiday in Greece: 1992 on the peninsula Akrotiri in the northwest of Crete.

Personal holiday house recommendation: Holiday apartment IRINI, NIKI and ELENI in Paramonasa on the island of Corfu.

That´s why I work at JASSU: I learnded through acquaintances that JASSU was looking for an employee, I tried it and stayed on. I was fascinated by the country and the people, so in the end I didn´t want to return to my original profession.

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