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Car rental in Greece

Rental car from Sunny Cars

  • Daily rates
  • Fully comprehensive insurance without excess (incl. underbody, glass and tires)
  • Hand-picked providers
  • Cancellation free of charge
  • 2 drivers
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Rental car from AVIS/BUDGET

  • Fixed rates
  • Stations directly at the airport (usually)
  • Fully comprehensive insurance without excess (incl. underbody, glass and tires)
  • Cancellation free of charge
  • 2 drivers

Notes for your car rental booking

JASSU Reisen arranges rental cars for you in the name of and on behalf of various local partners (e.g. Budget Rent a Car - Greece) at locally negotiated fixed prices and conditions. You conclude the rental contract for your rental car on site directly with the respective car rental company. Please note the information on the rental car voucher, which you will receive from JASSU Reisen before departure. All information is without guarantee.

Prices/Duration of rental

The minimum rental period is usually 3 rental days. In case of not full week bookings, single days will be charged according to the 3 and 7 day rates. All taxes are included in the prices. Rental day is the period of 24 h from the moment of taking over the rental car. If the rental period is exceeded, an additional rental day will be charged.

Delivery/Drop off

The rental cars can be received and returned at the offered rental stations. The return must take place at the reception location. A return to other stations is possible for a fee, but must be requested. Delivery of rental cars to a hotel is possible upon request for a fee. Please contact the office of the rental car company at the airport. If there is no office, a staff member will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall. Please be sure to provide your flight details when booking your rental car. When handing over the car, make sure that there are no damages on the rental car and that they are noted in the papers or marked on the sketch of the rental contract.

Driver/Driving license

The first and second driver are included in the price. The first driver must be registered by name at the time of booking. The second driver will be registered on site. Additional drivers cost 4,00 € plus taxes per day (max. 40,00 €), payable on site. The minimum age of the driver is 21 years for categories A, B, N, D, E, F, G, K and 25 years for the other categories. For drivers under 25 years, regardless of the car rental category, an extra insurance must be purchased, which is included in the rental price. There is no age limit. Drivers must be in possession of a valid EU driving license, non-EU citizens also need an international driving license (IDP). This must be presented with the ID card/passport at the time of pick up. The driver's license must be issued at least 12 months before the start of the rental period.

Opening hours

The opening hours of the rental stations are usually from 7 h - 22 h. If a car is delivered or picked up between 22 h and 7 h, a night surcharge of 23.00 € plus taxes will be charged on site.

Child seat

Child seats must be registered at the time of booking, the fee is 6,00 € plus taxes per day/seat (max. 60 €), payable on site.

Car class

Reservations can be accepted only for one group of cars (based on the engine capacity). The indicated car type is an example of the corresponding car class.

Fuel level

The rental cars are to be returned with the same fuel level as when they were received. The rental cars are usually filled up with gasoline and must be returned with a full tank. If the rental car is returned with less gasoline than it was received, the missing gasoline and a fee of 17 € plus taxes will be charged.

National border/ferries

The rental cars may only be driven in Greece. The crossing with ferries can be requested. A written permission of the local partner is necessary.


A deposit is required when picking up the rental car. Only the presentation of a credit card is accepted. The credit card must be issued in the name of the first driver.

Insurance / comprehensive insurance without deductible

The rental car prices include the legal minimum amount of coverage of the liability insurance in Greece. The insurance is liable for bodily injury (death and injury) and property damage (vehicle damage) to third parties up to the legal limit (usually €1,220,000). Passenger and accident insurance can - if desired - be taken out on site at the time of handover. The rental cars are fully insured. The deductible for damage to the rental car is 0 €. In case of damage, the rental car company must be notified immediately (our partners usually offer a 24 h roadside assistance). Upon return of the rental car, a damage report must be prepared and signed. If another vehicle is involved in the accident with the rented car, it is mandatory that the renter records all personal data of the other driver as well as the data of the other car and the insurance company. In case of theft, injury or serious damage to the vehicle, the police must be notified and a police report is required.

Additional insurance can be purchased on site for a fee. The insurances are valid only if the rental conditions are respected.

Payment/Cancellation fees

The rental payment is due by bank transfer up to 28 days before the start of the rental period. Upon receipt of the final payment, you will receive the rental car voucher from JASSU Reisen. Cancellations must be made in writing to JASSU Reisen. Cancellations made up to 2 days prior to the reserved rental date will not incur cancellation fees with the local rental agency. For later cancellations or not using the reservation, the local rental company will charge 40 € plus taxes. JASSU Reisen may charge a handling fee of 30 € plus tax.

Warranty and liability

If you have had any difficulties with your rental car, we will be happy to assist you in settling the matter with the car rental company upon presentation of the rental contract. However, as an intermediary, JASSU Reisen itself does not assume any warranty or liability for the performance by the car rental company according to the rental agreement, nor for the performance of the local insurer. Please refer to the local rental contract.

JASSU Reisen GmbH, Bonn in January 2023

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AVIS/BUDGET vehicle groups / Categories Prices 2024

Image Name Top-Highseason Highseason Midseason Lowseason
    20/07-20/08/24 01/07-19/07/24 &
21/08 - 31/08/24
June, & September

March, April,
May, October

    1 week 1 week 1 week 1 week
Mietwagen Gruppe Peugot 108 TOYOTA AYGO/AC or similar
Group: A
498 € 331 € 245 € 187 €
Mietwagen Gruppe Opel Corsa TOYOTA YARIS/AC or similar
Group: B  
517 € 345 € 270 € 211 €
Mietwagen Gruppe Opel Astra CITROEN C4/AC or similar
Group: D
614 € 436 € 328 € 255 €
Mietwagen Gruppe BMW 1er MERCEDES A160/AC, or similar
Group: E 
744 € 527 € 411 € 319 €
Mietwagen Gruppe VOLVO V40 Automatik PEUGEOT 308/Automatic/AC, or similar
Group: F
877 € 619 € 482 € 397 €
Mietwagen Gruppe SUZUKI VITARA VW T-ROC/AC, or similar
Group: G
798 € 581 € 453 € 376 €
Mietwagen Gruppe NISSAN QASQAI BMW X1/AC, or similar
Group: J
1090 € 803 € 539 € 490 €
Mietwagen Gruppe Opel Vivaro MERCEDES VITO/9 Personen/AC, or similar
Group: L
1768 € 1290 € 1086 € 927 €
Mietwagen Gruppe Citroen C1 Automatik PEUGEOT 108/Automatic/AC, or similar
Group: N
 574 € 377 € 331 € 225 €
Mietwagen Gruppe Citroen C1 Automatik NISSAN MICRA/Automatic/AC, or similar
Group: I
612 € 419 € 359 € 245 €
Mietwagen Gruppe Citroen C1 Automatik PEUGEOT 3008/Automatic/AC, or similar
Group: O
1199 € 893 € 626 € 560 €

Important information:

The rate is calculated according to pick up date.

The first and second driver are included in the price. Additional drivers cost 4 € plus taxes per day (max. 40 €), payable locally.

Office hours
Office hours: 7.00 to 22.00. Delivery or collection of a car in the time between 22.00 h and 7.00 h in each case 23€ plus taxes on site payable.

Exclusively credit card is accepted.

Child seats
Child seats must be booked at time of reservation, the fee is € 6 per day/seat plus taxes(max. 60 €) and is payable locally.