Mädchen schwimmt im Pool in Griechenland

Family vacation in Greece

Family in a pool

Peloponnese - a vacation for explorers

If you want to go on a journey of discovery during your family vacation and are interested in history, then the Peloponnese is the right island for you. Argolis is home to the oldest site in Greece: the Franchthi Cave. There are also numerous ancient sites in the region that you can explore with the kids.

Rent a vacation home in an idyllic pine forest and relax by the sea in the morning before setting off to explore the ancient relics. In the evening, enjoy the starry Greek sky on the beach, perhaps even as part of a cozy picnic.

Two children are standing the shallow water at the beach

Crete - typical Greece

Crete is the largest and most populous island - and above all typical of Greece. It has something for every taste and will delight even the youngest vacationers. If you are interested in culture and history and want to get your children excited about it, you will find remains from times long past at the archaeological site of Knossos. Ancient times come alive! However, if you prefer to enjoy peace and idyll, rent a vacation home on Crete on one of the deserted beaches on the south coast. Less suitable for a family vacation is the north of the island, where the party people party.

Family enjoys the pool during the family holiday

Chalkidiki - a varied vacation

The peninsula on the mainland of Greece is known for its great diversity: there is the central land with its gently rolling hills, the untouched Athos, the mountainous Sithonia, the agriculturally used Kassandra and the many offshore islets, only one of which is permanently inhabited. Halkidiki is also home to the rockrose, which is responsible for the typical resinous smell.

Decide on an area for your family vacation and move into a vacation home here and experience the sunset over the sea with the kids from the veranda or directly on the beach. During the day, you can all explore the area and other parts of the island together.

Most people choose a seaside destination for their family vacation in Greece so that the children can splash around in the water and build sandcastles on the beach all day long. They usually rent a vacation home on an island that is located directly on the coast or a little further away, in one of the idyllic pine forests.

You can feel right at home there too, for example cooking what the kids are used to. You also have plenty of space and don't have to cram into a hotel room or split up into several rooms. In a vacation home, everyone lives under one roof, the kids can play and run around without disturbing others and they can be right in the middle of nature with one step outside the door.

If you prefer to spend your family vacation on the mainland, you can always charter a boat from there to go on excursions to the picturesque islands - fun for young and old.

Sand castle at the beach

Corfu - it's never too early for art and culture

If you want to introduce your children to the culture of a region on a family vacation from a young age, the island of Corfu is better suited than any other in Greece. There are churches, museums and numerous musical events that will make children's eyes light up. Your children will also love the story of the "Odyssey", written by the Greek poet Homer and set on Corfu. Tell the story as part of interesting excursions, which you can review together in the evening in your vacation home.

Family enjoys the view during their family holiday

Zakynthos - more nature is not possible

Zakynthos is probably the most beautiful island in Greece and is the perfect place to spend a family vacation in a vacation home. Here you live in the midst of magnificent nature, surrounded by secluded bays with beautiful sandy beaches, fragrant pine groves, steep cliffs and imposing mountain plateaus. A varied and instructive fauna and flora ensure that you and your children can spend a few days just observing and enjoying nature with its animals and plants. Zakynthos is the perfect destination for anyone who likes to spend their vacation as an amateur explorer.

Two girls during their holiday in Greece

Rhodes - a search for times long past

If you are spending your family vacation on Rhodes, you can start various activities from your vacation home. However, the most popular activity for children of all ages is the treasure hunt that you can embark on on the island. To this day, nobody knows exactly where the ancient wonder of the world "Colossus of Rhodes" was located, which existed as a bronze statue over 30 meters high long before the birth of Christ. Take your children on a search for traces of the monument and make their vacation in Greece unforgettable.

Syros - off the beaten track

The island of Syros is centrally located in the middle of the archipelago and is still largely undeveloped by tourists, here you can enjoy the company of Greeks on a family vacation. On Syros, you can also awaken your children's interest in architecture at the sight of the beautifully revitalized houses from the neoclassical period.

Rent a vacation home on this rustic island, make friends with the locals and listen to their folk tales. This is how children really get to know a country. Later in the evening, adults can plan a visit to the island casino.