Strand und Meer in Gargarou in Peloponnes

Beach holidays in a holiday home in Greece

Terrace with seaview

Peloponnese: the island of history

If you like spending your holiday with like-minded friends who share your interest for the history of a region, then you should head for Peloponnese. In Argolis you find the most ancient place of Greece: the Franchthi cave. Several other ancient sites within the region also invite you and your friends to explore history.

Rent a holiday house directly at the beach and spend a relaxing morning on a sunbed at the seaside before you start exploring all the ancient relicts. When you share the cost of a small flat in an idyllic pine grove between you and your friends, the holiday will become less expensive for everyone. In the evenings you can relax under the starlit sky of Greece.

Garden with seaview

Crete: the main island

Crete is the biggest and most densely populated island, which offers a variety of possibilities and activities for every taste. If you are interested in history you will find remains of previous eras at the archaeological excavations at Knossos.

However if you prefer peaceful and quiet idyll, you might just as well rent a holiday house near one of the secluded beaches on the south coast of Crete. The party scene is most lively in the north of Crete, where party-people dance the nights away.

Additionally to the already named islands there is the gourmet-island Kefalonia, the nature island Zakynthos, the birds´ island Tilos and the island of Skiathos with 65 sandy beaches along the magnificent coastline.

Spent your holiday in Greece in a beautiful holiday home, where you can fulfill all your wishes and enjoy your time away from everyday life and stress.

View over beach and sea during beach holiday

Chalkidiki: perfect for varied holidays

The peninsula to the Greek mainland is famous for the variety it offers. There is the central land with its gently rolling hills, the pristine region of Athos, the mountainous Sithonia, the agriculturally used Kassandra and the many small islands off the coast of which only one is permanently inhabited. The rock rose grows on Chalkidiki and fills the air with its characteristic resinous scent.

Choose one of the regions for your holiday and find a holiday house for you and your partner. Enjoy the sunset from your own terrace or directly at the beach and spend some romantic hours. During the day you can explore the region and other parts of the island.

Whether you travel with your family, friends or partner – a stay in Greece in a holiday house close to the beach is a delightful holiday experience, especially on one of the divine islands of the country. On the islands the climate is pleasant, you can enjoy the white and clean fine sandy beaches, the turquoise blue ocean and the spicy scent of pine trees in the air.

You want to leave the daily routine behind and simply relax and unwind in a cozy holiday home in idyllic setting? Maybe you want to party and have fun during your holiday in Greece? Or rather do some sightseeing, explore the varied culture of the country and experience some adventures?

You can do all of this and much more during your holiday in Greece - in a holiday house directly at a snow-white sandy beach.

Terrace with sun chair, sun umbrella and seaview

Corfu: the culture island

Churches, museums or music – there is something for every taste on this island steeped in history if you are interested in culture. There is a special focus on literature – Corfu for example was the setting for the ancient literary work "The Odyssey", by the Greek poet Homer.

You might enjoy your visit to the island with like-minded friends sharing your passion for culture and rent a holiday house close to the beach together. You can start your day trips from there and experience the island from its most interesting side.

Villa with pool and seaview

Syros: the insider´s tip

The island of Syros is situated in the middle of the archipelago and is still unexploited by tourism. Here you can enjoy your family holiday mainly in the company of Greek people. Visitors interested in culture will especially enjoy the beautiful modernized and revitalized houses of the classicistic period.

Rent a holiday home on this central island, enjoy breakfast on the beach and start into a day of exploring the islands. Later in the evening you can finish the day with a visit to the casino of the island.

Beach and sea during beach holiday

Rhodes: the treasure island

The island of Rhodes is ideal for a wide range of activities: sunbathing and relaxing on the beach, swimming in the sea, partying in clubs and discos or hiking in the beautiful landscape. The island is especially interesting for “hobby treasure hunters” seeking traces of the famous Colossus of Rhodes. Up to the present no one knows exactly where this statue, which is one of the Seven Ancient World Wonders, was located.

Families with adventurous children are also welcome – they can spent a relaxing time in their holiday house and go on the occasional treasure hunt seeking traces of the ancient monument.