Straßenschilder in Griechenland

General information

On this site, you will find some important information you should read before booking.

General information

The following explanations constitute an integral part of our offer in addition to the "General Terms and Conditions for Agency Services to Provide Holiday Accommodation"which are the basis of your reservation and our booking confirmation and which you will find on our website. As a general rule, only the description of your accommodation which you will find in the print and online catalogues is applicable. Please read it very thoroughly. If, for example, the description does not mention a living room, you must not expect one.

Please vacate your holiday accommodation by 10 am at the latest on the day of your departure. You will understand that some time is needed to clean the house before the next guest arrives. If you have a rather early flight outside of this time frame, have small children with you or if you wish to arrive at your holiday accommodation early, please contact us. We will then try to arrange something with the landlord/manager. Depending on your requirements, arrangements may also be made for late departure.

Cribs, if provided, are mentioned in the description of the holiday accommodation (pictogram/description) and must be requested upon booking.

The number of people in a holiday accommodation may not exceed the number of people allowed and confirmed by us. For example, 4–6 people means: regular beds for max. 4 people plus 2 other beds (convertible couches, sofa, masonry beds/sofas), for example in dining rooms, living rooms or connecting rooms. If you have guests – even if only temporarily – this requires our consent. In the case of holiday accommodations with several equal apartments, we or the landlord/manager reserve the right to allot the apartments on site.

You can determine the time of booking individually as long as you consider the minimum period of occupation of 7 days. A shorter stay is possible only upon request.

In addition to the "tested quality" we now offer you even more security for your holiday home booking. With the “JASSU best price guarantee” you can always book your holiday home at the best rate.

We guarantee the best price for the period of your holiday when you book a holiday accommodation through JASSU Reisen. If a given holiday accommodation is offered at a lower rate by another holiday agency or organiser in Germany for the same period and with the same conditions, we will of course immediately reimburse you the difference in price in the name of the landlord.

Please consider the following: The basis of comparison to JASSU Reisen is the price that is stated (print or internet) at which you can book a holiday with another German agency at the time of booking. The holiday period, number of people and selected conditions must be the same as in JASSU Reisen's offer of agency services.

The final inspection of your holiday accommodation by the landlord/manager should be made between 8 and 10 am on the day of departure. If you wish to depart one day early or very early in the morning, please arrange another check-out time with the person responsible on site.

  • After your departure, the holiday home will be thoroughly cleaned by cleaning personnel for the next tenant. Please leave your holiday home tidy. This includes: Disposing of all kitchen leftovers and waste;
  • Washing and putting away the dishes;
  • Leaving the fridge and stove in a clean condition;
  • Leaving the bathroom in a clean condition.

In the case of extreme drought during summer months, it may not always be possible to use the barbecue at the holiday accommodation.

Many holiday homes are connected to the internet. To find out whether your holiday home is connected to the internet, please refer to the property description. Since the internet is not well-developed in all areas of Greece, there may be times when the internet is down or the connection is slow. A WLAN connection usually means coverage in most rooms and on the patio. Depending on the architecture, size and location of the holiday home, we cannot guarantee coverage in the whole house and garden.

JASSU Reisen cannot control construction activities in any given area. Therefore, there may be noise from the construction of new buildings or maintenance works in the area of the holiday home. Please consider that even at a holiday destination, the daily lives of the inhabitants have to continue. Noise may also come from airfields or military flight training. In rural areas, there may be noise from animals or farming activities.

Pets (max. 1) are allowed only if explicitly mentioned in the description of the holiday accommodation. Registration is required. More pets are allowed only on request.

The guiding principle of JASSU Reisen is the “tested holiday-home quality” of all our holiday homes. Our employees visit our Greek holiday areas several times a year to carefully select the homes, inspect them personally and check them thoroughly. Therefore, a holiday home provided by JASSU Reisen is solid and sound. As a matter of fact, we cannot test more than two thousand beds every year or count the kitchen utensils found on every property every year, but be assured that we select the holiday homes and check their quality with the greatest care and offer our customers a well-tested product.

The JASSU flowers categorise the holiday accommodations into categories which we would like to explain to you. Please read through the information completely and thoroughly.

* to ** - simple.Holiday accommodations with very simple furnishings, simple kitchen facilities, simple bathrooms. Plastic garden furniture as you find all over Greece.

*** - middle. Holiday accommodations with good, country-style or modern, functional furnishings, often with a small living-room area. Functional kitchen equipment. Plastic garden furniture or director's chairs.

**** - comfortable. Holiday accommodations with comfortable furnishings, big living/dining room area, often with a fireplace, superior kitchen equipment. Comfortable bathrooms, often with shower cubicle or Jacuzzi. Comfortable garden furniture (mostly wooden or rattan), sun loungers, large sun shades. The difference to the superior category lies less in quality than in the overall impression and living atmosphere.

***** - superior. Holiday accommodations with comfortable, elaborate furnishings and a special living atmosphere. Fitted kitchen with all the usual appliances. Primarily large, ensuite bathrooms, often with Jacuzzi, shower cubicle or two wash basins. Several garden furniture suites, comfortable, often upholstered sun loungers, large sun shades, sheltered pergolas.

The descriptions of the furnishings in the holiday accommodations are definitive. They are exhaustive and show special features, even of simple properties, such as a special location or a terrace. Since the holiday accommodations are privately-owned homes, the furnishings and equipment in each house have been chosen according to the landlord's taste.

The description of your holiday accommodation may contain utility costs (for example for heating and air-conditioning), which are determined and invoiced according to consumption. Such costs must be paid to your landlord/manager on site, preferably at the end of the rental period.

TIn Greece, no visitor's tax or registration fee is levied.

Please read carefully in your description whether the pool is for your exclusive use or is to be shared with others. Generally, it is possible to use the pool from the middle of May until mid-October.

In the booking confirmation, holiday cancellation insurance from HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG will be offered to you, which you may sign up for if you wish. Alternatively, you may quickly and conveniently take out an insurance policy online.

Take out holiday cancellation insurance

Sheets and towels are provided by the landlord in all holiday homes. Sheets and towels include all kinds of bedsheets, towels and kitchen linens. The bedsheets are: sheets, pillows and blankets. The towels are: one hand towel and one bath towel per person. Please bring your own beach towels. The kitchen linens are dishcloths.

Generally, sheets and towels are changed once a week. At some holiday homes, they are changed more frequently or even daily. This is a special service and is provided in homes in the higher categories. Please refer to the description of your holiday home for more detailed information.

Many holiday homes are in quiet areas, hidden behind thick trees, in olive groves, idyllic and/or remote, and often have direct access to the beach. The access roads to these holiday homes are generally not paved, but are simple gravel roads or farm tracks.

Country information from A-Z

Here you will find useful information about Greece, listed alphabetically.

Greece and Cyprus = Euro (EUR)

Diving is only allowed in specified diving schools.

In Greece, traffic always flows on the right-hand side – in contrast to Cyprus. Traffic signs on all major roads have writing with letters from the new Greek alphabet, followed by signs in English after about 50 meters. Small side streets usually only have signage in Greek.

Police: 100
Tourist police: 171
Harbor police: 108
Emergency medical: 1016
Emergency first-aid: 166
Automobile Road Assistance: 10 400
Fire department: 199

Travelers from EU member countries only need a valid personal identification. Travelers from other countries require a valid passport. Children under 10 years of age from EU countries need a child identification card. Children older than 10 need an identification card with photo.

Bathing in the nude is only allowed on identified beaches.

All of our vacation homes are in the countryside or in forests – idyllic, rustic and romantic. Beetles, mosquitoes, ants and other insects are in their natural habitat, but sometimes get lost and end up in vacations homes – especially at times with extreme weather conditions.

Greece is +2 hours from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

220 volts