When planning a family holiday in Greece most people choose a location close to the seashore, so that their kids can splash in the water and build sandcastles all day long. Typically they choose a holiday home on an island, with a house close to the seashore or slightly set back in an idyllic pine grove.

That is where they can immediately feel at home for example by having the chance to cook for dinner what their offsprings are used to. There is lots of space and they don´t have to squeeze into one hotel room or split up to different rooms. In a holiday house all the family lives under one roof, the kids can play and romp about without disturbing others and nature is waiting right at the doorstep.

For those who prefer spending their holiday on the main land it is always possible to charter a boat and make day trips to the picturesque islands – fun for all ages!

Zakynthos – quintessentially nature

Zakynthos is probably the most beautiful island in Greece and simply perfect for a family holiday in a holiday house. Here you live immersed in nature, surrounded by secluded bays with fantastic sandy beaches, the spicy scent of pine groves in the air, steep cliffs and impressive mountain plateaus. The biodiverse and educational flora and fauna guarantees you days of fun with your children exploring vegetation and wildlife. If you like spending your holiday as a hobby researcher you head for Zakynthos.

Crete – typically Greece

Crete is the biggest and most densely populated island – and it is typically Greece. It offers a variety of possibilities for every taste, even for the youngest holidaymakers. If you are interested in history and want to inspire your children with it, you will find remains of previous eras at the archaeological excavations at Knossos. Antiquity comes back to live there! However if you prefer more peaceful and quiet idyll, you might just as well rent a holiday house near one of the secluded beaches on the south coast of Crete. The north of Crete is less suitable for a family holiday because of the party people.

Peloponnese – holiday for explorers

If you like spending your family holiday exploring and are interested in history then you should head for Peloponnese. In Argolis you find the most ancient place of Greece: the Franchthi cave. Several other ancient sites within the region also invite you and your children to explore history.

Why not rent a holiday house in an idyllic pine grove and spend a relaxing morning at the seaside before you explore all the ancient relicts. In the evenings you can enjoy the starlit sky above Greece and maybe have a nice little picnic at the same time.

Chalkidiki – perfect for varied holidays

The peninsula to the Greek mainland is famous for the variety it offers. There is the central land with its gently rolling hills, the pristine region of Athos, the mountainous Sithonia, the agriculturally used Kassandra and the many small islands off the coast of which only one is permanently inhabited. The rock rose grows on Chalkidiki and fills the air with its characteristic resinous scent.

Choose one of the regions for your family holiday and find a holiday house where you and your children can enjoy the sunset from your own terrace or directly at the beach. During the day you can explore the region and other parts of the island.

Rhodes – in search of the ancient times

Spending your family holiday on the island of Rhodes you can use your holiday home as “base camp” for various activities. Most popular among children is the treasure hunt on this island. Up to the present no one knows where the "Colossus of Rhodes” was situated – it is one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, a 30 m high bronze statue supposedly already in existence before the birth of Christ. So why not go on a treasure hunt with your kids, seeking traces of the ancient monument and spend an unforgettable holiday in Greece.

Syros – away from the touristy areas

The island of Syros is situated in the middle of the archipelago and is still unexploited by tourism. Here you can enjoy your family holiday mainly in the company of Greek people. And who knows, you might even trigger your children´s interest for architecture with all the beautiful modernized and revitalized houses of the classicistic period.

Rent a holiday home on this rustic island, make friends with the locals and listen to their folk tales. This is how your children can really experience a country. Later in the evening the adults can finish the day with a visit to the casino of the island.

Korfu – it is never too early for stirring interest in art and culture

Corfu is the ideal Greek island if your intention is to stir your kids´ interest for the culture of a region during a family holiday. There are many churches, museums and music events that make also children´s eyes shine. Kids also love the tale of the "Odyssey" by the Greek poet Homer. Tell this tale during interesting day trips and spend the evening together in your holiday house reviewing the adventures of the day.


TÜRKIS is a comfortable and tastefully furnished villa with pool in an exposed hillside location above the sea, in a quiet and wonderful surrounding with a breath-taking view of the sea, near Koroni above the south coast of Messenia on Peloponnese.

Blue Stone

The comfortable and tastefully furnished holiday house is set above the extensive, fine sandy beach of Triopetra, on the south coast of Crete.


GIOKOS is a free standing holiday house on a large and well-maintained garden property, directly above the fine sandy bay of Prassoudi, on the south western coast of the Ionian island Corfu.

Triopetra View 3

The location of the well-maintained holiday house with pool and a wide view across the Libyan Sea is just above two wonderful sandy beaches, near Triopetra on the south coast of Crete.

Villa Emilios

Villa Emilios with pool is beautifully situated, with a wide view of the surrounding islands and the sea, outside the village of Lachanada, above Finikounda Bay, on the southern tip of Messinia, on the Peloponnese.