Here you will find useful information about Greece, listed alphabetically.


Greece and Cyprus = Euro (EUR)


Diving is only allowed in specified diving schools.


In Greece, traffic always flows on the right-hand side – in contrast to Cyprus. Traffic signs on all major roads have writing with letters from the new Greek alphabet, followed by signs in English after about 50 meters. Small side streets usually only have signage in Greek.

Emergency numbers

Police: 100 

Tourist police: 171 

Harbor police: 108 

Emergency medical: 1016 

Emergency first-aid: 166 

Automobile Road Assistance: 10 400 

Fire department: 199


Travelers from EU member countries only need a valid personal identification. Travelers from other countries require a valid passport. Children under 10 years of age from EU countries need a child identification card. Children older than 10 need an identification card with photo.

Nudism and nude bathing

Bathing in the nude is only allowed on identified beaches.

Small animals

All of our vacation homes are in the countryside or in forests – idyllic, rustic and romantic. Beetles, mosquitoes, ants and other insects are in their natural habitat, but sometimes get lost and end up in vacations homes – especially at times with extreme weather conditions.

Time difference

Greece is +2 hours from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).


220 volts

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